Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holacratic Party?

Politics has always had a plethora of different political parties, each pushing a specific agenda. Each trying to benefit a particular cross-section of the population or a special interest group at the expense of all others. The division has become so pronounced the even the two largest and broadest in appeal parties, the Republican and Democratic parties, can agree on nothing. There is no common ground. Government has become completely ineffectual. On the one hand this is good in that it keeps them busy bickering with each other and, arguably, to a large extent, out of our personal lives. But at what cost. The overhead of getting nothing accomplished in government is enormous. The resources wasted for no noticeable effect is staggering. I can't comprehend the trillions of dollars a year in the Federal budget.

As if two warring parties are not enough, we see the huge amount of press given to the emerging Tea Party. More people are becoming independents due to lack of faith that either of the major parties have any view of reality. The political world is becoming more fractured and dissonent. Not one of them gives more than lip service to the common good, what is need to make the world a better place. But through their actions, they show a proclivity towards personal gain or gain for a special interest.

The world seems ripe for a new approach. People asked for it during the Obama election. This was evidenced by the displayed emotion and sudden election of an overwhelming Democratic majority in government. But, mostly we still see the same old things. The back lash against the ineffectual performance is enormous as many are starting to think "just vote out the incumbent until something starts working."

Is it time for a Holacratic Party? One based on the underlying premise of listening to what is needed, what will work, what will be effective and move away from trying to force the will of a few. Treating dissenting opinions as valuable feedback as opposed to a voice that should be silenced. Listening to reality and facing it head-on.

I don't know anything about organizing a political movement, but these are ideals that I would love to support. Holacracy shows to way by saying: start where you are with the resources at hand and dynamically steer towards the goals these ideals express. Holacracy provides the basic tools. There is lots of interesting work to translate it into terms workable in a political movement. I know and feel that it is all in there. We need to pull it out and develop it. What key points would make the basis of a platform for a political party?

Is it too soon, or are we already late?